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Throwaway Panties.

aaron is less than a week away from an epic adventure to europe and the shizz is starting to get crazy up in our crib.

i don't want to brag or anything, but i've flown across the pond THREE WHOLE TIMES in my life, which makes me somewhat of an expert jet-setting type of person. not really, but let's pretend. aaron has a very sad, empty passport which bears no stamps, not even one. which translates to: aaron has really never left the country. unless you count those trips to tijuana, and really, you'd have to remember them to count them. am i right? am i right? haw!

so, he's doing the backpacking thingfor TWO WHOLE WEEKS, which requires resourcefulness and the ability to live like a hermit crab for quite a bit of time. he keeps coming up with these, um, "ideas" ...

  • I'm going to buy underpants, and then throw them away! So that I don't have to wash them! [ok to be fair, he doesn't call them underpants. but i think it sounds funny, so I do. but really. buying underpants just to throw them away so that you don't have to wash them. it just makes me ponder.]
  • I only need one pair of pants, right? [i. would. die.]
  • I only need one pair of shoes, right? [see above]
  • I think I need a red shirt. Yeah, a red v-neck t-shirt. *smiles contentedly* [I'm still trying to figure out the significance of this one.]
  • My plane ticket is around $700. But the Euro Pass is $800. I must have. [ok so this one actually makes some sort of weird sense. But please don't get me started on the whole search & find process for said Euro Pass]

and so on. it's gotten to the point that i brace myself each day as i head home for the next "big thing" for his trip. i wonder if today will be WHAT SIZE BAGGIES DO I NEED TO BRING DAY? and such.

in reality, it's quite adorable how excited he is. and also? it's pretty awesome that he is going to see paris, bruges, switzerland and who knows how many other locations in his 2-week adventure. because part of the fun is having the Euro Pass so he and Eddie can Go Anywhere, and make the train their home. There's all sorts of other Weird & Crazy things going into this trip, but don't get me started on the COUCH SURFING experiment. I mean, like whoa.

Stay tuned for What Kind of Deodorant Aaron is Going to Pack... (i kid, honey.) smooches!


Bird said...

Oh the joy of trying to figure out what to take.

I do have a recommendation for the underwear and socks for that matter. Tell him that if he has old sock and underwear he should take those, then throw them away when he is done with them. This allows him to have an excuse to get new ones for at home and it makes room to bring stuff back by not having to wash and repack them. =)

I have crossed the pond a few times or more and it works really well. Also, if he is willing, laundry can be done easy if you have a book and a couple of hours where you need to rest your feet each week. Then he could get by on about 5 days worth of clothes for a two week trip.

The Angry Georgian said...

Call me crazy, but I actually think it's a good idea. However, you have to start off with 14 pairs loading down your pack. Take him to a sporting goods store and get him a couple good pairs of those breathable boxer/briefs and a few good pairs of wool hiking socks and sock liners.

Bird said...

Well, actually he could take 7 days worth, wash them each once and then throw them out after the second time around. Or he could take less, wash them in a sink here and there depending on where they are staying. Same thing with old shirts... if you don't really care if you bring them back or not, wear them a couple times, with a washing and then toss them to make room for prezzie he will bring back for his lovely wife.