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aw, just some thangs.

^jim morrison's grave^
by aaron

thing 1. it's 10:52 PST, which means it's just about 7:52am(?) in Paris. Aaron will probably wake up in a few hours smelling like french wine and will get ready to leave Paris and enter Bruges. He's on a search for "gay beer" whilst there, and hopefully you've seen in bruges and you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. if not, go see now, please.

thing 2. EXACTLY as I was writing about my husband, his face came on TV. he's in a new Land Rover commercial and they've been playing the ever-living shit out of it. which is awesome. because in the land of national commercials, it's pay for play, baby, pay for play. (I'm not sure if that's actually true, it just sounds awesome)

thing 3. I have a lady-date with my sister-in-law tomorrow night. I think we're going to do sushi. *that WHOLE ENTIRE thing sounded wrong, didn't it?*

thing 4. I just watched Priveleged and I think? so far it's my favorite new show of the new season! Even better than *gasp* FRINGE!? OK, maybe I'm drunk?

thing 5. I have to go to the dentist tomorrow for a routine cleaning. While there, I'm going to schedule an appointment to have two wisdom teeth pulled. I'm SUPER excited.

thing 6. I learned how to surf last weekend. It was totes gnar-gnar, dude. I was actually much better at it than I expected. I credit being short and practicing yoga. Rad.

thing 7. Since Aaron left on Tuesday, I've watched: Fringe, The Hills, Gossip Girl, Priveleged, America's Next Top Model, Million Dollar Listing, Runway, 90210 (premiere ep & ep #2) & Real World/Road Rules Challenge. OH yeah, and two episodes of Big Brother 10. How is it humanly possible to watch that much TV in three nights? Skills, baby, skills.


pps. Aaron? HURRY BACK. but first? enjoy bruges, switzerland, berlin and amsterdam. but then HURRY BACK.


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The Angry Georgian said...

Thing #3 definitely sounded wrong at first.
Thing #6. You're kidding! You just learned last week? I guess I take it for granted seeing as how I used to surf with my dad every time we hit the beach when I was little.
Fun, isn't it? :)