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words i really like.

I'm pretty sure I made these all up, or at least i've convinced myself as such, so whether or not I actually did, I think I did and that makes it so.

Cogito ergo sum.

1. EXSQUELLENT. actually, I think my sister-in-law, Dilla, made this up. the best context for this particular word is when you are planning something diabolical in nature. Just creepily put your fingers together a la Mr. Burns and let the word rollll off your tongue. EXXXXXSQULLLLLLLEEEENNNNNNNTTTT. see? AWESOME.

2. SQUIDICULOUS. This word is squidiculous. I think I "made it up" one time after a weekend at a beach house in San Diego. We were young and had the tolerance of Clydesdales. Or at least we thought we did. There are fuzzy memories (AND PICS!) of me doing "interpretive dance" and I remember scraping marshmellows or a similarly sticky substance off the wall after a particularly intense food fight. At any rate, a weekend like that couldn't JUST be described as "ridiculous," and appropriately SQUIDICULOUS was born. Now I just use it around people I don't know very well. That, coupled with the phrase "I'm going to make like a baby... and head out" usually charms the pants off of people.

3. SQUIGGLESWORTH. This is just part of Camus' formal name. Mr. Squigglesworth McGillicudy Bear. Just makes me smile to say it.

What awesome words are you rocking these days?


The Angry Georgian said...

At first glance, I thought it said squidilicious. I was hoping you were telling about your first taste of calamari.
I use gooder a lot.

Liana said...

When you going to update this damn thing!?!?!? Some of us are bored you know!