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aaron's been back just over a week now. I flew us to SF for the weekend to celebrate his birthday, which meant he was still nursing his jetlag hangover while we were there. no worries, though. it just meant that we had lovely, lingering dinners sans nightlife, but full, full days and we took complete advantage of a GORGEOUS 'frisco weekend.

he's shifted, some. but not as much as his cryptic emails sent from "weird" laptops would have led me to believe. whenever someone travels outside the US, their world gets smaller. and now he has friends from all over the world that might someday come visit us. but he's the same, just a little more appreciative of what the world has to offer, and conversely, what he truly appreciates about America.


there you have it. we haven't really had time to pause and take it all in, but we did have a beautiful weekend to celebrate his birth anniversary and maybe, soon, I can share some of his pics. because they're awesome, that's why.

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The Angry Georgian said...

I've always heard that traveling overseas makes you appreciate what you have in America. I wish I could go experience it for myself.
Can't wait to see pics!