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fall it to me.

i love fall. mostly, because i love chicken wings and football, and this is the best time of year for both of those things, but i also like a slight chill in the air. you know, like in the lower 60s. ahhh yes. that's like heaven to me.

so can someone please 'xplain to me why we keep having these mini-heat waves in LA? i'm just kind of over summer, already. time to move along into the mild, temperate breeziness of fall, ya'll. perhaps it has something to do with... wait for it... global warming? maybe? which, to quote tina fey as sarah palin "is perhaps just part of the end of days." mwahahahaha.

anyway, i know people in the frozen tundra of minnesota are probably all like, STFU, already, ruby. because you know it will be 40 below in just a matter of minutes up there. and i'm sorry about that. truly. and hey, i'm sorry you still live there and that i escaped the icy grip of the northern clutches, but you know, there's plenty of room in LA and it's really cheap to live here. nope, actually, no there isn't and no it's not. sorry about that.

where were we?

ahhhh yessss. fall. so the thing REALLY that is keeping me up at night in a feverish sweat BESIDES the hot heat, is a hearty desire to switch into my warmzies for fall. you know, the clothes in the closet that only make appearances when the thermometer drops. i touch them now and again. i feel their furry threads and wooly wools and imagine myself bundling up in a wrap and some knee-high leather boots. i long for the days when i can wear a "sweater" but without actually "sweating." then, of course there's a whole rack of sweet, fuzzy scarves that are BEGGING to be worn, but i fear my neck meat will suffer if i don them at this time.


it will have to wait.



The Angry Georgian said...

I just wish there was a place where it was in the high 60's / low 70's year round. I'd move there in a heartbeat. I hate the heat and I hate the cold.
I'm with you. I've been eyeballing some of the long sleeve shirts sitting on the shelves in my closet and have been secretly longing to wear them again, even my ridiculously big down Old Navy jacket.
It's getting close. There's a good chill in the morning air now.

T said...

Does this mean you laughed at me when I walked past your office in my knee high leather boots last week? Yeah, I know I get REALLY hot when I wear them but I miss them! What am I supposed to do?!?

rockinraquel said...

hey, i know--move back to MINNESOTA where you know you'll love the deep cold winters and the snuggly warm socks, sweats, hats, gloves, long underwear, scarves, earmuffs, moon boots, turtlenecks, big coats, frozen nostrils, chapped skin, itchy scalp, oh and let's not forget broomball and hockey!! YAY!!
I love MN and I will probably never leave!! :)