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how do you define ADDICTED?

well, let's see . in just 24 hours i've watched the olympics in the following locations:

  1. my house

  2. el guapo cantina

  3. my house

  4. the gym

  5. my house

  6. tina's nails

  7. my house

  8. fat fish

  9. my house

  10. my house

really? i mean REALLY?


so much awesome i can barely stands it.


  1. watching michael phelps win a gold medal by 1/100th of a second is MUCHO ENJOYABLE whilst sipping a vanilla vodka soda in a bar full of people

  2. as much as I wanted to make fun of trampoline, it was actually quite enjoyable watching it with my korean pedicurist. she was way into it! hee!

  3. four years ago, i watched the women's marathon whilst on the treadmill. i remember thinking AMAZING, i will NEVER do that as i ran 7 miles (which was a LOT at the time.)

  4. NOW? i can't believe i actually watched the entire women's marathon (almost 2.5 hours!!!). but you know? once you've actually run one, you can actually kinda sorta a little bit relate? but not really. shit. 6-minute miles? INSANE.

  5. watching michael phelps' 8th gold medal race was as much fun as you could imagine, and then some. brought to you by a contact high from my pot-smoking neighbors coupled with a nice french bordeaux.

  6. anyway.


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The Angry Georgian said...

I know what you mean! I've been watching it at home, the gym, and the bar I eat at during lunch.
I have a mann crush on Michael Phelps now.