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10 cool things i've done recently

  1. rented a giant house in the desert with a pool and jacuzzi over the weekend
  2. had a late-night belly flop contest in said pool ( i lost, or i won, depending on how you view it)
  3. created an M.I.A - Paper Planes station on pandora (IT ROCKS)
  4. lined up plans to see "pineapple express" at the arclight tomorrow night (btw, pineapple express inspired the pandora station)
  5. booked one more [unmentionable] item in preparation for aaron's big surprise bday weekend (hi aaron!)
  6. got interviewed for a legitimate research project about my blogging habits and got $paid$ for it
  7. tried a new "DOWN LOW CARDIO*" class last night that involved LOTS OF JUMPING ROPE INTERVALS (i can't remember the last time i jumped a rope? dude! it's HARD)
  8. followed the super hard 45 minute "DOWN LOW CARDIO" class with 1.25 hours of YOGA which combined for 2 hours of good gym time last night (um, sore much?)
  9. got a lot closer to booking a business trip to atlanta (HOTLANTA, if you ask me)
  10. confirmed plans for a two-hour private bachelorette-flavored session at the S Factor

what COOL things have YOU done lately?

*don't get any dirrty ideas, you

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The Angry Georgian said...

Ooh! I wish someone would interview me about my blogging habits!