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short butt my week. short week my butt.

+ lately people have been giving me the elevator look (the old up & down) wayyyyyy too much. girls, guys, gays, straights, midgets, and even some giants. i'm WAY too mutha effing self-conscious to deal with this. tenna, you are even guilty of doing this one day. WHAT IS GOING ON? WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, FOR THE LOVE OF CHEESE? I SWEAR TO BLOG. and so on. but no, really, what are you looking at, fools?

+i worked 10 hours (or so) on tuesday, 12 hours on wednesday, 11 hours today and ?? hours tomorrow. the eff, mange? did i say that right? the bloody hell, mate? what the f*ck, yo momma? i's TI-RED. but my trusty Facility* gets back from the Vacation on monday, so all should be back to NRML, soon. in the interim, i definitely did 10 push-ups in my office 2x today just to get some of the hyper adrenalines and craziness out of my system. i felt 10000% better after that, and my biceps were pretty engorged as well. i just asked aaron and eddie how to spell "ENGORGED." they didn't even look up from whatever weird youtube video they were watching. SRSLY. whatevs, dudes.

+people are always SURPRISED out of their FREAKING minds when i say, "I'm 4'11"." they usually say, "NOOOOOO way, i thought you were at least 5'2"!" and i say, well! that's because i'm always wearing 3" heels or higher! SO, technically, you are right!!" and then i laugh like an evil little maniacal troll. because, this is fun and funny to me. mwahahahahaha. i'm only 2" away from being a midget! mwahahahahhahaa. and so on.

+mostly, i'm just killing time until we "can" watch the FINALE OF LOST. we can't watch it in real time, because then we would have to (god FORBID) watch commercials. so instead, we are doing random other items until we feel like we have sufficiently waited long enough to fast foward through every goddamn commercial! EVERY SINGLE ONE! MY PURE UNADULTERATED EXCITEMENT CANNOT STAND THE WAIT! OMG!!!!! I DIE.

ok. i think 49 minutes is long enough. LOST FINALE, here we mutha f*Cking come.

* you know, my work subordinate.


T said...

When the hell did I give you the elevator eyes? It's probably because you looked scrumptch!

ruby said...

not in like a "im checking you out" kind of way but more of a "what the hell are you wearing and why" kind of way... you know? no, you don't.

Still Born said...

DOOOOOOOD. i am FIFTEEN INCHES taller than you.