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bigger, stronger, faster.... weirder?

last night aaron, eddie & i attended the fancy hollywood premiere of Bigger, Stronger, Faster. to be honest, when I RSVP'd "yes" for all of us, I really had no idea what this film was about (I mean, not REALLY), but i saw the word "RECEPTION" and thought to myself "FREE BOOZE" and I was in. And, actually, aaron and eddie had been talking about it and were excited to see it, and so it went.

what i didn't expect was to think TOTALLY differently about steriods. i guess i hadn't really given the topic much thought (if any?) before seeing this film (done in the style of and produced by the guys who did bowling for columbine/farenheit 911*), but once i saw it, i was like hmmmmm, VERRRRY INTERRRRESSSTINGGGGGG. just like that. and that, my friends, is why i have to HIGHLY recommend this film. if raising your level of consciousness is your thing, i mean. i still don't really know what to think about a lot of the information presented in the film, but it definitely MADE ME THINK, which is always good. as opposed to being brain dead, you know.

also? the after party of this event was LITERALLY an after-party on steriods. aaron is actually a pretty tall guy (6'2), and is usually one of the tallest people at traditional hollywood events. but this event? not so much. there were several times that I caught aaron looking up, WAY UP, to get a glimpse of someone MUCH TALLER than him. we all discussed what we would do if someone, you know, got THE RAGE. and we all decided that we could probably outrun most of the over-muscled tight-clothes wearing monster dudes. thankfully, we didn't have to test that theory ;)

I myself was mostly amused by the "women" who were there that actually looked like men due to all juice in their systems. say what you will about pros & cons of steriods, LADIES SHOULD NOT BE TAKING THEM. hello, it's testosterone. HELLLOOOOOOOO. i mean, really.

anyway, it was quite a sight and definitely an eye-opening experience on many levels. go see!

the end.

who i rubbed elbows with... haha

*don't worry, michael moore isn't anywhere in sight


MD said...

Stone Cold Steve Austin???


hotpants1019 said...

That's exactly what I was going to say. STONE COLD!

hotpants1019 said...

That's exactly what I was going to say. STONE COLD!

The Angry Georgian said...

You know, as bad as it sounds, I wouldn't mind doing cycle of roids.