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11:57pm. bloodshot eyes. teeny wine buzz. mush brain. nearly 15 hours of work logged in one day.

it's time, i say to myself, to shut down the computer and shut down your brains.

tomorrow? another day of intense worky-workness and then maybe? i will get to attend one of two industry events i have RSVP'd "YES" to tomorrow night.

more likely? i will just be working late [again].

about 6 weeks ago, aaron booked us massage appointments with two of THE BEST therapists at healing hands. they LITERALLY were booked solid for 6 full weeks. sunday morning at 10:30am, i will settle in for 90 minutes of awesomeness.

if i can just. get. there.

today, around 6:30pm, just as i was STARTING to think about going home to continue working from the comfort of my leather couch, errol called. i let to go to VM.

RUBY. it's been awhile. i wanted to see if you were available at 12:30p on Saturday (the usual time). i'm going to be "out" for a few weeks... so, you know, call me or text me back and let me know.

TXT REPLY: ERROL! i would love to have a massage at the usual time on saturday. it's been too long. see you then! - rubes

so. the deal is this:

saturday, 12:30pm: 60-minute massage
sunday, 10:30am: 90-minute massage

you bet your sweet ass my weekend is going to be off the chizzle.

other scheduled items:

(1) birthday party for british tony in santa monica
(1) rocco de luca concert at HOTEL CAFE (i die)
(2) intense workouts to justify (2) intense massages

and off i go.

TO BED, son!


Stephanie said...

I would run 40 miles if I knew I was getting 2 (two!) amazing massages in one weekend. ENJOY.

The Angry Georgian said...

Dude, I totally bought a bottle of rose wine from Biltmore Estate today to go in our collection of wines that I'll probably never drink.