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don't play coi with me.

highlights of the long weekend (which was awesome despite the UNSEASONABLE COLDNESS):

1. friday afternoon "liquid lunch with the ladies" (brought to you by tenna, amanda & ruby)

...nevermind that i had to go back to work afterwards (i was on of TWO people left in the office post-1pm close) with a stellar buzz

...nevermind that i had to do a credit application in the middle of our meal OVER THE PHONE because aaron was out car shopping

....nevermind that the food i ate didn't quite absorb the alcohols i drank

...because: IT WAS FABULOUS.

2. friday evening happy hour at food court la.

nothing follows up a liquid lunch better than happy hour.

3. saturday morning cardio sculpt class + yoga class.

nothing quite like two hours in the gym to make you feel better about having a liquid lunch + extended happy hour the day prior

4. saturday evening fish with the 4-pack.
no one cooks up a better meal than aaron's brother and wife. so effing good, it feels like you're at a restaurant. but you can *burp* and wear pajama pants.

5. sunday morning 10-mile run
yeah, baby.

6. sunday evening old hollywood-style glamour wedding in the a japanese garden.
AND THE RAIN CLEARED JUST IN TIME! it was so gorgeous, my heart (and eyes!) weeped.


-me, doing shots with all the groomsmen + plus aaron before the ceremony

-sitting under the stars with a coi pond, champagne and awesome company

-seeing aaron's acting studio friends interpret "old hollywood glamour" translation: pretty, pretty friends in hot-looking clothes

7. monday morning 5-mile run, 4.5 miles on the eilliptical

actually, it was more than hard to wake up this morning and run. but damnit, i did it.

8. fat fish happy hour to close out an awesome weekend. they changed the menu! new rolls! for your dining pleasure! triple yay!

and that 'bout sums it up.

next on tap: movie premiere tomorrow night, evening at the theater thursday night, and weekend plans UP IN THE AIR (this is always exciting).

hope everyone had FABULOUS weekends!

1 comment: said...

Sounds like a better weekend than mine.

1. I've been recovering from surgery since last Monday.

2. I sat in a church on Sunday for nearly 3 hours at my nephews first communion with a priest who rambled on and on. I kept wishing that God would rip open the roof of the church, strike him down, and take him to heaven so we could all make our lunch reservations on time.

I'm probably going to hell for saying that, but oh well.