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on the lot and into my heart..

did you watch "on the lot" last night? did you like? although i'm questioning the use of bret the hack ratner and carrie princess leia fisher as judges, i'm still liking the dynamics and i found myself wanting more as the hour came to a close.

(btw, american idol ran over its time limit and therefore, daughtry* ate up the first 5 minutes of the programming time so, as a result, tivo cut this show off before it ended... )

wanting more at the end of an hour is always a ++++++ in my book.

my early favorites are: the "dad" guy and any of the directors with british accents. and that one chick.

anyone else notice that i love new york's "mr. boston" was undercover as the first contestant to make his movie pitch? hee.

*i HEART daughtry

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