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i'm lovin'....

with so much going on in tv land these days, i need to sort through all the funk and highlight who i'm loving right. now. in no particular order:

1. ari - entourage.
i mean, do i really need to explain the awesomeness that is ari? every week he gets a little more awesome in my mind. how did i ever used to get through the week without ari to look forward to on sunday nights?

2. drama - entourage.
this week's storyline with the horse was so endearing. and ridiculous. but mostly, endearing. drama is the dork we love to love.

3. sawyer - lost.
with recent focus on his vulnerabilities, i've found myself jumping on the sawyer truck. i can't wait to see what the next few episodes bring for this character. loooovin it.

4. peter petrelli - heroes.
future peter was so bad ass it was almost scary. not that present peter is anything to shake a stick at. he's just a great effing hero.

5. renee - america's next top model.
after that one episode where she got called out on her bitchiness, i've actually started liking her more and more each week. i'm on team renee for the win, fo sho.

6. yau man - survivor.
a great mixture of immunity prowress, mischeviousness and just plain ol' playing the game like it should be played-ed-ness. yau for president!

7. jim - the office.
just jim. he just is.

8. keri russell - scrubs.
super sassy & fun. great character.

9. susie - real world / road rules.
give me someone better to love. i dare you.

10. the flight of the conchords - the previews for the premiere on HBO in june
i can't remember being this excited for a new summer show... ever.

there you go. loving me some people on the teevee at the moment.

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I love Entourage! I'm seriously obsessed with Ari Gold, Johnny "North of Ventura Boulevard is hell's waiting room" Drama , and Lloyd! I don't have HBO and I don't want to go the illegal d/l route, so I'll have to get my fix on DVD. Wahhhh.