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me and j. alba

jessica alba and i just so happened to both show up at the crack of dawn saturday morning for the 14th annual revlon run. this was my 8th race, i think it was jessica's first. i ran it, she didn't. but that doesn't stop us from both being 100% awesome.

ps. i ran the 5k in 24:02. woot.

mandy, eva & sheryl made it out as well.

as did fran drescher and her boyfriend.


Maddy said...

Yay for runny! You rock.

Still Born said...

I hate Sheryl with a passion unequalled.

The Angry Georgian said...

Jessica didn't even run? What was that all about?
I could care less about Eva, hate Sheryl, but Mandy's looking pretty damn good.
Fran Drescher's still alive? Seeing this picture makes me want to go out and rent The Beautician and the Beast.