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i was just about to shut down at about 6p for the evening last night, when the lights started flickering in my office and before you knew it, BAM the lights were out all over the damn place. we had some crazy winds and a Wind Advisory all day yesterday, so it was interesting that the wind decided to eff with the power in my building RIGHT AS I WAS GETTING READY TO LEAVE. some people were stuck in the elevator for a bit (someone said they heard some screaming and panicked noises coming from the 'vator! yikes!), but soon the lights flickered and came back on, ... and then went out again. and then on... and then my boss and i were like, eff this noise and we walked down the stairs from the19th floor to 5th floor. i guess because i did not think yesterday was a good day to get stuck in an elevator 19 floors above the ground.

hey wind, thanks but no thanks, you weirdo.

anyway, you might have heard that my 'hood was all atwitter with activity last night with the MJ This is It premiere and the Lakers / Clippers opening & ring ceremony and then some concert was mixed in there somehere in LA Live, so all day the twitterverse and the LA blogs were like AVOID DOWNTOWN!! TRAFFIC DELAYS!!! ETC ETC. but after i finally got out of my parking structure (10 minutes) it only took me 15 glorious minutes to get home because the freeway was WEIRDLY EMPTY.


THANKS TWITTERVERSE AND LA BLOGS for clearing me a lovely path home by scaring everyone away from DTLA. loves you!

once i got home it was pure madness everywhere and we are pretty used to having heavy volumes of people in our hood for various events, but never has there been so many events all at once and there were new parking lots where parking lots did not exist before and they were charging $20 a pop for cars to park in our structure when normally they only charge $8-$10. nuts, right! i braved the crowds and the winds and walked a whole block to meet liana at corkbar, and we settled in for 2.5 large glasses of wine that were consumed in about 2.5 hours. we walked out of there warm, fuzzy and buzzy and even the wind couldn't squash our glow because eff you wind, eff you. like i said before.

by then it was like, late, but there was a 2 HOUR so you think you can dance episode waiting for me and aaron had been txting me for the past 1/2 hour such things like I AM HERE WAITING. THE GAME IS OVER. AND SYTYCD IS ON THE LIST. so instead of heading to bed like i should have, i watched every damn minute of that action. BUT THEN! they almost kicked off my favorite favorite and for a minute aaron and i were like IF HE GOES WE ARE SO DONE WITH SYTYCD but then, alas, he was spared and then all was right with the universe again. i think at that point the wind even died down and off to sleep i went in a foggy sauvignon-blanc induced haze.

eff you, wind!

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John Pender said...

I hear the MJ movie isn't making anywhere near the projections.