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on days like today, my eyelids are heavy.   my eyeballs are dry and a little red.   i have a tendency to get late afternoon headaches and find myself nursing half cups of cold coffee to make through the rest of the day.   but, i must say, days like these i love.  it was a trainer day.

but not just any trainer day, today was my last trainer day.   unless i buy another package, which i won't be able to do for a minute.   but hopefully soon. 

i woke up before the alarm went off, a 5:52am.   i padded my tired bones into the bathroom and and crawled into my workout clothes i had laid out the night before.   i padded down the stairs and only turned on enough lights to make out shapes in the darkness. i measured 1.5 scoops of creamy vanilla protein powder and dropped it  into a glass and added cold water.  i stirred the living daylights out of the mixture and then chugged it down.   i grabbed an orange and peeled the mutha effing skin off that b*tch and savored every little tiny slice as orange juice dripped down my digits.   i pecked at my keyboard and probably answered some emails.  i dont remember.   then i heard the THUMP, clickity clack coming from upstairs indicating that  camus was awake and realized i was not in bed.   he clickety clacked down the stairs and scurrried over to me to get a hug.   i squatted down and he jumped up and put his little chubby arms around my neck and gave me some kisses.   and then, i said, farewell mu.   and i shuffled out the door and into the blinding white light of the day, off to get my butt kicked my a short Persian named Lara.

as much as i hate anticipating these days, i love it when i realize, now at 4:28pm, that I get to go home and do sweet nothing without an ounce of guilt because my workout is done for the day.     SWEET BABY JESUS, HALLELUJAH.

i started the Body For Life challenge on 6/27.   that was approximately 13 days ago.  since then, i have worked out every day except (1).  because it was a free day.   !!!     right  ??   !!!!   i've also consumed 6 meals per day, almost every day, even free days.   because i like to eat.  it's not secret and i'm not ashamed.  plus, it's the program.   SIX MEALS A DAY.  perfectly balanced with 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat.   bring on the fat.

anyway, it's going good.    it's hard in some ways, not so much in other ways, but i like it.   maybe more on that later.  maybe not.  i might be losing weight, but i might be gaining muscle.  who knows.   my pants is still tight.   damnitall.  oh well.   71 DAYS TO GO.

recently life has been a lot of downtown exploration.  i made this list so i could remember all of it:


26th rooftop birthday party @ liana & tal’s

27th birthday party @ must bar & broadway bar   

28th lunch with tenna @ panini cafe, rooftop poolside yoga, rooftop BBQ / Jacuzzi @ evo


2nd – poolside beverage @ hote fig; sangria happy hour at must bar ; sushi, sushi and more sushi @ wokcano

3rdrivera cocktail party

4th – hung out at Juliet’s rooftop pool @ evo;

5th – local appreciation day @ corkbar  - Juliet, Niles, Joy, Aaron

6th  - late night nosh & beverages @ yard house

7th -  Michael Jackson memorial craziness, test kitchen tuesday @ corkbar


 so that's that.     lots of eating working out drinking eating working out eating and drinking.

that's my life and i loves it.

oh, but also?   i'm broke.    no thanks to must barbroadway bar;   panini cafehote fig; wokcanorivera ; corkbar ; yard house

oh well.



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rockinraquel said...

probably my most favorite down-to-the-detail blog!
you are the tiniest person i know and yet you somehow feel the need to lose weight?? wha? are you wearing kids pants?