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not so bad.

so i think we are temporarily out of the woods. after coming home on friday, cosette did well for a whole day before she started having issues again. so after a sleepless night, we brought her back in on sunday. they decided to give her a steroid shot to help her breathing, but wanted to observe her for a few hours just to make sure it was OK. so we headed to the gym and when we were done, we called to see if we could come get her. but apparently she had an episode where she turned blue and scared the shit out of them, so they decided to keep her overnight. and then she stayed ANOTHER day after that and i was basically like, OMG is this it. but the next day they said she had an amazing night and was ready to go, so aaron picked her up on Tuesday and since then she's been on the road to recovery with little incident. she has to be sedated a little, to keep her calm and comfortable, but she's doing so much better. we still have to bring her in to have the cancer removed, but we have to wait until she's got the green light on recovering from what ails her now. FINGERS CROSSED.

to complicate things a bit, we have a trip planned to MN a week from today. if all goes well over the next few days, we will be leaving her & the Mu with aaron's brother and then doing the surgery when we get back on the 6th or 7th. ::sigh::

so the good news is: i'm on a 10-day vaca/staycation in ONE WEEK. holy god, i need a break. the plan now is MN from the 30th-5th, and then a downtown la-based staycation from the 6th-9th. i really really really can't wait.

so far our minnesota agenda is action-packed with weddings, birthday parties, shenanigans etc. i'm really looking forward to it. there is a SLIGHT possibility that we will have to reschedule if anything pops up with our little c-monster in the next few days, but OPTIMIZM, I HAZ IT.

tonight is a farewell party for three temporary employees that i had the pleasure to manage over the past 5 months. they are doing a program where they rotate all around our company, learning and absorbing, and then they graduate and basically pick a place in the company to land. one of them is most likely going to come back to us in january, which is awesome. but as of next week, they are off to chicago and my group goes from 5 to 2. i cry.

saturday night is a hot celebrity-studded rooftop poolside party, and sunday is detox yoga in the same exact location.

aaron and i have basically given up wine ever since last monday, which means i think i've only had one night with alcohol in the past 10 days. as a result? LOOSER PANTS. hallelujah.

also? Body for Life is going well.. i've worked out 6 days per week for the past 4 weeks. and, I think, almost 4 weeks into it, that i've finally figured out how to balance my multiple mini meals. i'm hoping i'm bikini ready by the time i leave for MN. yeah suckas.


as you were.

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John Pender said...

When I read this, I only see LOSER PANTS. Maybe I've been on here too long.

The Angry Georgian is going off line soon, Rubes. Linky here to my new one!