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ohh, you know

it was an exhausting week. monday night at 11p cosette started having one of her breathing epsiodes. usually they are triggered by allergies, which make her congested, which makes it hard for her to breathe, which makes her panic, which just is bad news bears. usually, we can calm her down after awhile and she sleeps through the night. however, i was never able to calm her down and by 6am after being awake with her all.night.long, i finally decided to bring her into the emergency vet.

when she got there they immediately put her on oxygen and sedated her a bit. her oxygen levels were around 90, and i was told it's best to be at 92 or above, so it was not good but it wasn't SO bad. but they recommened we do surgery on her nose and throat to correct the breathing problems that have plagued her her whole entire 8+ years of life.

i was terrified to do surgery - it's a known fact that french bulldogs and sijmilar breeds often have trouble going under anesthesia. but this was the place to go (animal specialty group) if we were going to go anywhere, we just needed to prepare to pay anywhere between 2200 and 3700. right? what a range.

we brought her home and at 130a she started having another episode so we were back in the car and on our way to the ER once again. once we got there, the vet was lovely enough to tell us she was fine and she didn't recommend oxygen or any other measures at that time, she also waived her fee and sent us home. seriously, so nice of her. this is a place that does NOT skimp on fees, but they're also some of the best specialty vets around, so they need to get paid.

anyway, the next day aaron begged and pleaded to get her surgery appointment moved up, and they gave us thursday @ noon, which was awesome. we made it through wednesday night without incident and brought her pitiful little butt in on thursday.

surgery happened at 5 or 6p, and then they called us once she was awake to let us know it had been a success. THANK GOD. however, they broke the news that a lump on her hind leg that we asked them to check was actually a cancerous mast celll tumor. they recommend removing it right away, but not until the swelling in her throat from this surgery goes down. AHHHH.

oh! and they only charged us 2200 (only!) which was the low end. thank GAWD.

now she's home and recovering rather well. i'm actually shocked at how well she's doing. and! she CAN BREATHE. her nose looks totally different and she still has some swelling in her throat, but it was a success and i'm so relieved. we'll deal with the next thing once we *can* but for now, it's just spoiling the dickens out of her and keeping her comfy.


as you were.

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rockinraquel said...

so glad to hear that all is well!! Love you!!
troy and rachel