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so far, in 2009 i've logged 10 treadmill miles, 4 elliptical miles, one level 2 yoga class and one power sculpt class. i ended 2008 with a 10-mile run, which felt good, you know. but at the same time, why come my pants is so tight, ya'll? salt. salty salt salt. i think the moment i remove salt and sauv blanc from my diet is the moment my pants and i become friends again. this experiment will have to wait one more day, however, so that i can partake in debaucherous behaviors during the big vikings game tomorrow.

in related news, today's actions involved going to Big Wang's to watch the playoff game(s), which naturally involved consumption of a bloody mary, 10 chipotle chicken wings and 1 cajun chicken wing. approximately at the stroke of halftime during the colts/chargers game, aaron and i slithered down the street and caught the 7:35pm showing of gran torino after enjoying a smallish glass of sauv blanc.

this was not my favorite movie of 2008. not even close. but it kept my interest and i didn't fall asleep, so there you go.

and it's hard, actually, lately for movies and me. because when i saw the wrestler i gave myself a tear facial* and when i saw the curious case of benjamin button i fell in love with brad pitt and cate blanchett all over again. not to mention i just recently saw wall-e and assorted other grand movies, so you know, it's hard to compete. even if you are "vintage" clint eastwood.


i'm not really sure how i'm going to go back to work as a fully functional human being on monday. what with me waiting to shower every day until maaaaybe 5p. but you know, i'll do my best. i'm impressive that way.

* i heard once that tears are good for your skin. if that's the case, my skin got treated REAL WELL during this movie.
you know, because i cried. A LOT.

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